2020 Session

June 24 - July 29

From the Head

We're Redefining Summer School


The truth is that Wolfeboro has been redefining summer school since 1910 and we invite you to explore all that makes the Wolfeboro Camp School unique. Let go of your summer school stereotypes or a long summer of tutors and embrace a world where meaningful progress happens differently. Wolfeboro is where real academic success takes place lakeside, and students spend the summer balancing learning with all the recreational activities you picture at a traditional summer camp.

Whether your son or daughter needs to catch up or get ahead, Wolfeboro's master teachers and a class size of just five will make it happen. Academic progress in the summer can make a remarkable difference for your child’s next school year, and can prepare your child to succeed at a new school. Learn more about our path to academic success.

We understand that it’s a challenge to identify safe and truly worthwhile programs. Popular summer options include “college-like” programs, local for-profit tutorial centers and content-only online courses. We’re more than that, though. We offer world-class academics and traditional summer fun in a supervised and time-tested model for learning, playing, and living. Discover what other parents and students have to say about Wolfeboro, and learn more about our gorgeous lake-side campus and all we offer students.
Wolfeboro also differs from other summer school programs today in that our academic program is screen-free. We embrace the power of unplugging. The benefits of pen and paper focus - and limited screen time make all the difference. Learn more about how our device-free environment can benefit your child.
We are proudly consistent in encouragement, compassion, accountability and quality control. An extensive faculty and separate residential team provide the safety and quality of life for the students we serve. 

I invite you to contact me and learn how Wolfeboro will provide the academic advantage you seek for your son or daughter. See for yourself how we have redefined summer school!
Edward A. Cooper
Head of School
Appointed: 2005
    • Laura Cooper, Dean of Faculty; Edward Cooper, Head of School

Thank you for the best summer experience I have ever had. Thanks to Wolfeboro, I feel more than ready to go off to the Brooks School in a few days. One favorite part of my Wolfeboro experience was some of the free-time in the afternoon. It taught me how to organize what I was going to do for the rest of the day and helped me gain closer friendships with new people. Wolfeboro has given me the opportunity to get ready for the upcoming school year, play sports to help me stay fit, and to gain friendships that will last a long time. Thank you again for the amazing opportunity. I hope I can come back next year!

- Student

Wolfeboro Camp School

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Wolfeboro Camp School, in Wolfeboro, NH, is an independent, non-profit, co-ed summer academic program for students 10 to 18 entering grades 6 to 12, a post-graduate year or college.