2023 Session:
June 28 - August 2

From the Head

We are Redefining Summer School with COVID in Mind!

When most people hear the term “summer school,” images of uninterested students making up classes at a large public high school in suburban America come to mind.  In fact, that is still the reality for many families.  However, since 1910, Wolfeboro Camp School has been redefining what a summer school/camp can really be.  Now, with a worldwide pandemic and the unprecedented situation in which we find ourselves, there are even more reasons to seriously consider Wolfeboro.
Virtually every student in the world has had interruptions in their learning over the past two years due to the pandemic.  Some have had only a few months of online learning while others have had to endure as much as a year of Zoom classes.  Regardless, every student could use the extremely personalized attention and teaching that they would receive here at Wolfeboro.  We would suggest that NOW MORE THAN EVER every student needs the academic boost for which we are so well known.  It seems clear that summer 2022 would be a perfect time to consider Wolfeboro Camp School!
With our interactive, very small classes (4 - 5 students) and our dedicated, experienced independent school teachers, our students take three classes every morning while enjoying a truly remarkable summer camp setting each afternoon.  This hybrid model allows our students to enjoy a premiere academic experience, while having summer camp fun on the shores of Rust Pond here in beautiful, rural New Hampshire.  In many ways, we are the best of both worlds!
We can assure you that whether your child takes an advanced class, makes up for some missed work or just strengthens their study and organization skills, Wolfeboro offers a wide variety of academic classes. We also have traditional study hall every evening where students complete their daily homework.  This day-to-day pattern is one reason why we have often been referred to as “the summer boarding school.”  Indeed, many of our students use their five weeks here as a bridge to a boarding school experience.

Please review our website and visit our Facebook and Instagram pages.  Most importantly, please call us anytime for more information about our unique program. We also plan to travel widely throughout the country, and we would be happy to personally meet with you.

All the very best from the shores of Rust Pond!

“Mr. Mac”
Patrick McInerney
Head of School
Appointed:  2019
    • Patrick McInerney

Thank you for the best summer experience I have ever had. Thanks to Wolfeboro, I feel more than ready to go off to the Brooks School in a few days. One favorite part of my Wolfeboro experience was some of the free-time in the afternoon. It taught me how to organize what I was going to do for the rest of the day and helped me gain closer friendships with new people. Wolfeboro has given me the opportunity to get ready for the upcoming school year, play sports to help me stay fit, and to gain friendships that will last a long time. Thank you again for the amazing opportunity. I hope I can come back next year!

- Student

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Wolfeboro Camp School, in Wolfeboro, NH, is a private academic, summer camp program for boys and girls ten to eighteen entering grades six to twelve.