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We know every student is eager to reach higher - regardless of where they are today. Individual goals, inspirational teachers, structure, compassion and daily follow through ensure that your child will grow.  We make it happen!

Academic progress is ensured, and every student moves forward.  Parents get back the same child but not the same student!

Common Academic Goals

  •     Strengthen study skills, organization
  •     Improve writing, reading, math skills
  •     Build academic confidence
  •     Prepare for the SSAT, SAT or ACT
  •     Earn academic credit
  •     Enjoy summer fun and friends
  •     Thrive without constant cellphone use
  •     Preview courses to be taken next year

About Selecting Courses

  •  Every student takes three courses.
  •  Courses may be selected after enrollment.
  • Students are placed together by skill level and individual goals.
  • Preview of fall courses is generally more valuable than review.
  • All courses can be taken for credit.

Study Skills

  •     Study skills are taught in every subject, in every class, every day.
  •     All courses will strengthen study skills and study habits.

Academics at Wolfeboro

Each day at Wolfeboro is thoughtfully structured, with morning classes providing opportunities for students to preview, review, or earn academic credit. Beyond the classroom, our program fosters confidence and focus through a traditional pen-and-paper curriculum, while also enhancing study skills and executive functions.