2024 Session:
June 26 - July 31

ESL Writing 1, 2, 3

ESL Writing 1 

ESL Writing 1 will prepare the beginning student for success at upper course levels. Writing is taught as a process with an emphasis on grammar, sentence structure and parts of speech. Specific objectives include spelling, planning, outlining, expanding academic vocabulary, editing and revising techniques, oral presentation and writing cohesive, organized paragraphs. 

Daily grading and evaluation provide essential feedback. Class size is limited to 4-6 students. 

ESL Writing 2

ESL Writing 2 will prepare students for advanced levels of writing and eventually for mainstream, college prep coursework. Elements include identifying grammatical structures and parts of speech; writing compound and complex sentences; understanding paragraph formation with the goal of writing a properly structured essay. Students complete assignments on specific grammar exercises including coordination and subordination. They also develop structural writing skills, composing paragraphs in narration, description, persuasion, process, and illustrative styles using a pre-writing, writing, editing and revising process. 

ESL Writing 3

ESL Writing 3 prepares the advanced writing student for mainstream, college preparatory coursework. This course continues the focus on writing as process, as well as on advanced grammar. Outcomes include essay construction in modes of narration; compare/contrast, persuasion and personal writing. Reading assignments present different types of writing. 

The ESL program provides intensive preparation for challenging college preparatory coursework.  The program is uniquely focused to maximize readiness for mainstream placement in competitive independent schools.  TOEFL preparation is integrated into the curriculum.

Courses are offered at four levels:  beginning, intermediate, advanced intermediate and advanced.  Lower level students take courses in reading, writing and conversation.  At upper levels, students study literature, writing and a third course.  All classes include acquisition of academic vocabulary as well as analytical and critical thinking skills.

Daily grading and evaluation provide essential feedback.  Class size is limited to 4-6 students.

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Wolfeboro Camp School, in Wolfeboro, NH, is a private academic, summer camp program for boys and girls ten to eighteen entering grades six to twelve.