2022 Session:
June 29 - August 3

French 1, 2, 3

French 1

Designed For:  Students in rising grades 8, 9, 10.

Content: Traditional college-prep French 1 program. Included is the study of regular and irregular verbs in all three verb conjugations. Students begin reading, writing and speaking from the start and through the course. Particular attention is paid to grammar and vocabulary. 

Text: Teacher selected text and materials

French 2

Designed For: Students entering grades 9, 10,11.

Content: French 2 continues the study of topics covered in a traditional French 1 program. Vocabulary is expanded, writing skills refined and grammar developed in greater depth. Special attention is paid to personal pronouns and to the comparison of the imparfait and passé composé.

Text: Selected by instructor as needed

French 3

Designed For: Students seeking a full year course in third-year French or those students in need of further work at this level.

Content: French 3 continues the study of topics covered in a traditional French 2 program and refines complex linguistic concepts and structures. Course content can be developed to mirror the skills, content and rigor of the other school’s curriculum.

Text: Selected by instructor as needed

Foreign language at Wolfeboro focuses on the four skill areas of writing, reading, listening and speaking. Emphasis is placed on college prep grammar and writing as well as proper pronunciation.

Foreign language courses can be taken for credit or skill-building purposes. Course content is modified accordingly.

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