2023 Session:
June 28 - August 2

Literature 4

Designed For: Rising 11th and 12th grade students

Content: Literature 4 presents the three genres of literature (drama, poetry and short fiction) and develops sophisticated strategies of vocabulary building, comprehension and retention, paraphrasing, summarizing and annotating, and critical analysis.

Students better learn a variety of literature terms, how to select appropriate evidence within the structures presented, and how to write critically about both the classical and modern selections.

Reading includes a Greek play, a Shakespearean play, modern drama (e.g., Ibsen, Williams), short fiction (e.g., Poe, Hawthorne, Faulkner), and poetry (e.g., Dickinson, Owens, Eliot, Marvel). Attention to detail, organization, planning, neatness, study skills and study habits permeate the course, setting the stage for progress on all fronts. 

This course can meet the needs of students requiring a credit in 11th or 12th grade English, especially when accompanied by Written Expression 4 or Written Expression 5

  • An Introduction to Literature, 12th Edition (Longman)
  • Other materials selected to meet individual student’s needs

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