2023 Session:
June 28 - August 2


Designed For: Secondary school students.

Content: This course includes the essential topics included in a traditional secondary school Physics curriculum. Topics include linear and projectile motion, Newton’s laws of motion, momentum, energy, waves, sound and light. The curriculum is easily adjusted to cover either Conceptual Physics as well as traditional Physics courses typically targeted at the 11th and 12th grade levels. Scientific calculator required.

Texts: Conceptual Physics (Addison-Wesley) or Physics (Merrill), as needed

Preview sections survey the fundamental principles with an emphasis on key vocabulary, concepts and pertinent study skills inherent in a full year course.

Credit course sections often necessitate a double period, emphasize the basic concepts of a full-year course and are modified to accommodate requirements as directed by the student’s school.

Please note: Biology, Chemistry and Physics are presented without laboratory

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