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ESL Curriculum

The ESL program provides intensive preparation for challenging college preparatory coursework.  The program is uniquely focused to maximize readiness for mainstream placement in competitive independent schools.  TOEFL preparation is integrated into the curriculum.

Courses are offered at four levels:  beginning, intermediate, advanced intermediate and advanced.  Lower level students take courses in reading, writing and conversation.  At upper levels, students study literature, writing and a third course.  All classes include acquisition of academic vocabulary as well as analytical and critical thinking skills.

Daily grading and evaluation provide essential feedback.  Class size is limited to 4-6 students.

ESL Reading

ESL Writing

ESL Conversation

ESL Conversation rigorously addresses vocabulary building, increased independence and greater confidence through structured use of English every day. Progress is supported residentially on campus and by three family style meals per day at English speaking tables with faculty supervision. 

Activities and course content include reading and writing. TOEFL preparation is included in class activities and homework.


American Studies

American Studies offers advanced speakers insight into the crucial roles that culture and language play in the English language. Course emphasis includes pragmatics and nuances of the language, as well as culture-sensitive cues required for fluency. Students are prepared for standardized tests such as the TOEFL, SAT, and SSAT by introducing an abundance of new vocabulary and grammar points. 

Additional objectives include self-advocacy, appropriate conduct in the American classroom and study skills relevant to success in all courses. Students learn to “find their voices” in spoken and written English as they prepare for mainstream, college preparatory courses in American schools.

English Skills

In addition to courses in writing and reading, English Skills serves as the third course for most intermediate-level students. The course provides TOEFL preparation and additional opportunities to strengthen all English skills with the inclusion of rigorous components of reading and writing in class activities as well as nightly homework.