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Middle School Curriculum

Written Expression

Placement in the proper level of writing benefits from input from those who know the student’s writing well. Current teachers should be consulted about placement. It is usually helpful if an academic writing sample corrected by the teacher can also be submitted.



All reading courses can be taken for credit and/or skill-building purposes. At the time of application, parents are asked to submit complete school records which should include a measure of the student’s current reading ability. All students enrolled in reading will be administered a Stanford Diagnostic Reading Test at the beginning and the end of the program.

In addition to in-class activities and out-of-class exercises for each student in the reading program, all students are expected to read a minimum of one hour per day from a book chosen in conjunction with both the reading teacher and the student. The purpose of this additional reading is to help students develop the habit of reading and to learn to read for pleasure. Books include fiction, adventure, mystery and sports stories. Informal comment is encouraged as a student progresses through the book, but no written review is demanded. Most students will read approximately 30 pages per day.


Courses can be taken for preview, review, skill building or for credit with permission from the student's other school. Credit courses cover the material traditionally presented in a full-year course. Frequently, a double period of course work is necessary thus leaving room for only one additional course.

Selected topics in a course can be deleted or added at the request of the student’s school. We can administer another school’s final exam, although most students take the Wolfeboro exam.


Foreign language at Wolfeboro focuses on the four skill areas of writing, reading, listening and speaking. Emphasis is placed on college-prep grammar and writing as well as proper pronunciation.

Foreign language courses can be taken for credit or skill-building purposes. Course content is modified accordingly.


Many specific study skills are best attained using history content as a basis for practice. Study skills emphasized include outlining, note taking, interpretation of maps, charts, graphs, tables, and primary sources. The goal is to teach how to read and study a textbook, identify important information, synthesize, and respond intelligently in writing.

Test Prep