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Wolfeboro is an outcome based, results oriented five-week academic program and a true camp school. Our program is designed to create a friendly, community-centered atmosphere in which every student will learn, grow, and have fun. Minimal cell phone use sets the stage for meaningful interactions and active participation.

To mitigate learning loss and equip students for success in the fall, Wolfeboro offers an excellent academic program for Middle, Upper, and ESL students, which is guided by dedicated and seasoned private school faculty.

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Sample Three-Course Program

Grade Levels Indicate the Next School Year

Grade 6 or 7
Written Expression 2-1
Literature 1
Math 6/7 

Grade 8 or 9
Written Expression 2-2
Literature 2
Algebra 1 Preview     

Grade 9 or 10
Written Expression 3
Geometry Preview
Spanish 2 Preview 

Grade 11 or 12
Written Expression 5
SAT Critical Reading
Chemistry Preview