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Sensible Screen Time

We believe minimal screen time is essential for proper academic, social and emotional maturation in children and adolescents.  Our program is pen and paper.  With parent permission, students have access to their cell phones for at least 30 minutes most every day.

As a result, academic progress is authentic and deeply internalized. Research continues to confirm that extensive screen time limits attention to detail, comprehension and compromises cognitive maturation. Wolfeboro's common sense digital policy sets us apart from other academic summer programs and from most schools.

Academic Benefit

Focus is best nurtured with pen and paper with markedly few exceptions.  This includes progress in writing.  Planning and executive function skills benefit from the deliberate focus required by pen and paper.

"Few things help us focus like a pen.  Nothing distracts like the internet."
Although students must eventually learn to overcome digital obstacles, Wolfeboro's five-week digital break accelerates skills and confidence. Meaningful progress in young people is deepened in the absence of digital distraction. 
Be assured that student anxiety about screen time at Wolfeboro is 100% anticipation.  It truly takes ten minutes for most students to start enjoying a vibrant and robust social life on campus.

This is actually easy for us to implement.  Ask us - we can help you understand how to have this conversation with your son or daughter.