2020 Session

June 24 - July 29

The Power of Unplugging

We believe that minimal use of cell phones, tablets and laptops is central to student progress. Wolfeboro's academic program is pen and paper.  As a result, academic growth is extensive and internal . Research confirms that substantial screen time limits comprehension and that unfettered access to screens compromises cognitive growth. Wolfeboro's common sense digital policy sets us apart from other summer academic options.

Academic Benefit

Academic focus is best nurtured with pen and paper ... with markedly few exceptions. This includes academic writing. Planning and executive function skills also benefit from the deliberate focus required by pen and paper.

Although students will eventually learn to overcome digital obstacles, Wolfeboro's  five-week digital break accelerates skills and confidence. Meaningful progress is simply that much more without digital distraction. 

Be assured that student anxiety about minimal screen time is 100% anticipation. It takes only minutes for most students to start enjoying a vibrant and robust social life on campus. This actually is easy for us. Contact us- we can help you better understand how to have this conversation with your child.

Stay Connected at Wolfeboro

With parent permission, students will have their cell phones for about 30 minutes per day most every day. In addition, land-line campus telephones provide daily opportunities for students to call home. 

Read the Research

Explore the science behind mnimal screen time in our updated collection of articles from leading researchers and news outlets.


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