Summer 2019
June 26 - July 31



Naturally, parents, students and educators have questions.  The more frequently asked questions and answers are provided here. 

Please call (603) 569-3451 to discuss your child and to explore any of these topics in greater detail.

List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • What is at the heart of Wolfeboro?

    First and foremost, Wolfeboro is academic -  a Camp School situated on a lakeside campus. Inspirational teachers, structure and purpose combine with the energy and fun of a vibrant summer camp. 

    Wolfeboro is outcome driven, intentional and designed to ensure academic progress - little is left to chance.

    The result is a program that fosters academic confidence, attention to detail, efficiency as well as a focus on friendships and healthy recreation.  Our approach generates success, progress, friends and civility. 

    Students often say, "Why can't school be like this all the time?"
  • What can can be accomplished in five weeks?

    Five weeks actually does provide ample time to establish new or improved academic habits. Driven by individual goals, our inspirational teachers, structure, compassion and follow through make it happen every day. Classes and extra-help sessions meet six days per week.

    Other options exist, but are simply not comparable. Wolfeboro is not a summer 'filler' program in a school calender. This is the only thing we do. We likely cost more but have the quality you expect. Look closely.

    While progress will of course varies, a stronger student is absolutely ensured. Wolfeboro students and teachers carry energy and momentum into the next school year. Ask them.

  • What are Wolfeboro's educational objectives?

    Simply put, the same child will return home after five weeks, but not the same student.

    Individual Goals are established for each student with input from parents and, upon request, schools and consultants.

    in general, the top three objectives often appear as follows:

    One: to strengthen the academic confidence. Expectations are adjusted and the challenge is individualized to ensure that success is earned and not given. 

    Two: to further develop study habits and skills. Learning how to study and function more efficiently goes hand in hand with mastery of content. The former facilitates the latter.

    Three: to improve specific academic skills such as written expression, reading comprehension and mathematics. Wolfeboro is about looking forward and creating academic momentum for the next school year.
  • How do you develop an individualized academic program for each student?

    Individual Goals and Courses are developed with input from parents, and with permission, educational consultants and school personnel. Primary Goals are agreed upon and a three-course program is designed to meet these goals. The program is reviewed and confirmed with all involved.

    Course placement is based on the student's skill level - not age and grade. Further, additional individualization occurs within the class itself; the ideal class size of 4-6 allows a capable teacher to devote individual attention to the goals of each student.

    For students taking a course for credit purposes, course content is approved and confirmed in advance with the student's other school.
  • Wolfeboro allows minimal use of cell phones and tablets.  Does this really work?

    Of course it does.  We believe screen time can limit academic and social progress.
    Although students must overcome these obstacles, progress in the short term is simply better without these distractions. Easy access to cell phones compromises everything. 

    • Student anxiety about this is 100% anticipation. It takes about five minutes for most every student to start enjoying a vibrant and robust social life on campus.
    • School telephones provide almost daily opportunities for students to call home.
    • Parents emails are printed and delivered on the same day.
    • Academic progress is supported by a pencil and paper approach for most every student...with markedly few exceptions. This includes progress in academic writing.
    • Planning and executive functioning benefit from the methodical, deliberate and careful process of paper and pencil. Keyboards and screens foster impulsive habits for many adolescents.
  • The program has structure - do students enjoy the routine and accountabiliy?

    Naturally, first time students arrive with some apprehension -  they want immediate friends and immediate evidence that we do what we say we do.  Equally predictable is how quickly anxiety becomes enthusiasm.  

    There are three reasons:

    1) Students discover that the people are caring, competent, happy and encouraging. Students quickly confirm that our teachers are indeed very good and that every day is as fun as it is reassuring. 

    2) Everyone is immersed in the camaraderie of a common adventure. Good friends are central to the experience.

    3) Students realize that Wolfeboro will produce results. They sense and see the quality and, in turn, dedicate themselves to the commitment.

    At the same time, Wolfeboro feels like summer and looks like summer in every way!

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