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Specific expectations for student behavior not only assure a safe and wholesome community, but also assure time and effort will be focused in positive and productive ways.  It is the intent of the Board of Trustees that Wolfeboro provide a structured and traditional approach to both scholastic work and quality of life. 

The community naturally functions best when all expectations are clearly understood.  The Student Handbook details required student conduct and campus protocol.  A thorough understanding of the Handbook is essential, as the School is proudly firm in all areas of student accountability.

Respect, accountability and responsibility for self, for others, and for the community are central to the Wolfeboro community. The School reserves the right to dismiss any student at any time for violation of certain rules and regulations or whose behavior has a negative influence on the positive spirit of the community.

Download the Student Handbook

Student Handbook

Student Expectations:

  • Demonstrate behavior consistent with School policy.
  • Punctually attend all scheduled classes, meals, activities and appointments.
  • Complete academic work on time. Participate in daily recreational activities.
  • Community service: serve as waiter, sweeper or on the kitchen team at designated meals.
  • Possess or use cell phones only as permitted.
  • Remain on campus unless scheduled or approved by the School.
  • Not possess or use alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs or related paraphernalia.
  • Observe policies governing privacy and respect for people and property.