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Summer Fun

Our program is carefully designed to provide students with a perfect blend of learning, recreation, and meaningful interactions, making every day an opportunity for excitement and enrichment.

Daily Adventures: Morning Classes to Afternoon Activities

Our summer days kick off with engaging morning classes that inspire curiosity and foster growth. But the learning doesn't stop there! After classes, students transition to an afternoon bursting with a wide array of activities. We encourage students to choose and participate in activities that interest them, ensuring an experience tailored to their preferences. For our younger campers, we provide a few assigned activities to make the selection process even more enjoyable.

Unplug and Play: Embrace Face-to-Face Fun

One of the hallmarks of the Wolfeboro experience is our commitment to minimal cell phone use during scheduled and supervised free time. We believe in setting the stage for active, face-to-face play and wholesome fun. The serene lake and inviting waterfront become iconic symbols of summer, offering a relaxing backdrop for interactions that create lasting memories.