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Morning classes transition to an afternoon full of activities. Students are required to choose and participate at some level of activity each afternoon. Younger students will have a few assigned activities.

Recreational Offerings

Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Lacrosse, Volleyball, Swimming, Sailing, Crew (private coaching), Kayaking and Canoeing, Fishing, Running, Strength Training, Yoga, Fall Sports Training

Evening Intramural Games

Evenings feature relaxed, low-key games of basketball, volleyball, soccer and kickball. Attendance is required and everyone is encouraged to play! Students are assigned to a team based on age in either our Green or Grey League.

Athletics & Recreation

Free time and play with minimal cell phones use (scheduled and supervised) sets the stage for active, face-to-face play and wholesome fun.  The lake and waterfront are iconic symbols of summer, relaxation, and interaction.