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Our program not only focuses on academic enrichment but also on creating a well-rounded summer adventure for our students. As a part of our commitment to balance, we organize exciting student trips and host a delightful Sunday picnic, ensuring a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation throughout the week.

Our carefully curated trips are designed to offer age-appropriate activities, all while maintaining the same vigilant supervision that you find on campus. It's our way of ensuring that students not only learn but also have fun and create lasting memories.

Some of the typical destinations for our off-campus excursions include thrilling waterparks, heart-pounding amusement parks, friendly games of bowling, captivating movies, and the excitement of minor league baseball games. Each outing is an opportunity for students to explore, connect, and enjoy the best of what summer has to offer.

We know the importance of student agency and, as a result, many of our trips give students the opportunity to have fun on their terms. Would you rather go to a waterpark or go to a high ropes course? Amusement park or minor league baseball game? Students get to design the fun they have with friends over the course of the summer.

At Wolfeboro Camp School, we believe in providing a holistic and unforgettable experience that nurtures both the mind and spirit.

Wolfeboro Weekends

Weekends at Wolfeboro give students the opportunity to connect with the uniqueness of the state of New Hampshire. After attending classes on Saturday mornings, students spend the rest of the day off campus on a trip. Sunday mornings provide students the opportunity to sleep in and attend brunch once they feel fully rested. After enjoying the brunch spread, students will head off to another day of trips!